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Styling Clays

Today's auto stylists and industrial designers need a fast realistic and versatile medium for the expression of design concepts. Put quite simply, they need Chavant Hard styling clay from Styling Clay International.

Chavant is recognised throughout the world as the leading brand of styling and modeling clays. Here at Styling Clay International, you'll find a comprehensive range of products. All backed by a quick, helpful service. A variety of materials for the construction of industrial design models can be used by stylists and modelmakers, but amongst those who know, Chavant is by far the best 
medium.  Once heated to its working temperature, Chavant Hard Styling Clay is fast, accurate and easy to apply, whether by hand or profile extruders. After heating, the clay returns to its original hard state. When a template or tool is pulled through the clay, the clay rolls away easily, responding instantly. There's no grain, just a smooth surface that joins easily and when blended leaves no seams, producing a surface  that will accept fine detail, can be polished, milled or painted.

Chavant J525 E5 NCB - de-aired
Qty (KG) 22.7 90.8-204.3 227-408.6 431.3-884.3 907+
Number of boxes 1 4-9 10-18 19-39 40

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